Ne remettez pas à plus tard votre suivi médical. Notre laboratoire reste ouvert, reçoit et traite normalement les échantillons envoyés pour le profil Proteomis et les autres analyses qu'il effectue habituellement.

What does using a Proteomis profile involve?

What does using a Proteomis profile involve?

A Proteomis report will be compiled after a full medical history and any further necessary examinations have been undertaken. To do so, a venous blood sample needs to be taken.

Information for the prescriber: Only use tubes without heparin or EDTA. The blood test needs to be taken using a dry tube (usually gold or red-top). The sample can be sent as whole blood sample without being centrifuged (provided it arrives between 24 to 48 hours max) or as serum after centrifugation (ideal).

Samples from all over the world are sent to the Proteomis laboratory, which is based in Brussels. Numerous studies have shown that the results of the analyses are stable, even after a long period in transit.

The prescriber receives a copy of the results, together with a statistical interpretation and therapeutic advice. He will discuss the results in detail with the patient and establish a personalized treatment strategy, including herbal medicine, minerals, essential oils and immunotherapy, all of which are available in multiple forms - drops, capsules, powders etc.  It's wise to have a follow up test after three to six months of treatment.