Proteomis profile sample kit

Order a sample kit for a Proteomis profile here. We will send you all the material for the blood test and the shipment immediately. This kit contains :

  • the material for the Proteomis profile sampling as well as the material for the regulated transport,
  • the analysis request form with the clinical details and the description of the analysis costs,
  • instructions on how to collect and send the sample to the Proteomis laboratory.

The amount charged covers the cost of materials and packaging as well as the cost of bPost delivery to your address within the European Union. This is not valid outside the EU. This does not cover the cost of return. We thank you for your understanding. You can also pay for the analysis directly.

You will find here the other analyses we offer.

Don't forget to include your payment reference when you send the sample!

10,00 €

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Presented in graphic form, the results give a dynamic and global picture of the patient's state of health. Proteomis thus makes it possible to propose adequate and personalised therapeutic orientations.

Order your analysis here.


Only one dry blood tube is required. Fasting blood sample.

1 dry tube (without anticoagulants) of 7.5 ml, gold cap.

Don't forget to order your sampling kit if necessary.

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142,00 €