Proteomis : why ?

The proteome (the entire set of proteins expressed by an organism) is a reflection of the control system between the different cells and the different organs. Specific to each of us and memory of our human condition, the understanding of it provides an insight onto the major events in our lives. The serumal proteome is the meeting point of genetic and environmental influences on the human body (parasites, bacteria, viruses) but also dietary and of course therapeutic influences.

Proteins act like the biological memories of the organism. They are our black boxes.Human proteins are dynamic engines and when they don’t function correctly, they show illness. The Proteomis profile makes it possible to decipher this proteomic memory, to recognize the traces of past aggressions to the health and detect risk factors.


The Proteomis profile comes in the shape of a "V" shaped curve that signifies the patient’s physiological and physiopathological state. This tool is accessible to your health professional. It comes with a set of personalized commentaries. With this set of results, your health professional will be able to advise you properly on what needs to be done.

Example of profile.