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How do I obtain a Proteomis profile?

A Proteomis report is very simple as it only requires a blood test taken on an empty stomach.

The Proteomis report is done on prescription. All samples must be accompanied by a prescription from your doctor. *

The laboratory needs 2ml of serum to perform the analysis.

Sampling is done with dry tubes using 7.5 to 9 ml of blood without anticoagulants.


  • Venoject red cap
  • Vacutainer gold cap
  • Sarstedt Monovette brown cap

If possible, use tubes with gel and coagulation activators. The tubes with gels allow, after centrifugation, serum separation and can be immediately transmitted without further ado.

Preservation: in the refrigerator but do not freeze. Shipping by mail or carrier does not require a controlled temperature.


1. You have a CEIA laboratory contact in your area.

Go to the laboratory for the blood test and analysis or send the sample to the central laboratory in Brussels for analysis.

Our laboratory works with many other laboratories. Please contact us to see if we can find one in your area.

2. You do not have a laboratory in your area.

Your doctor will have blood sampling kits and can perform the blood test - they will give you the samples in kit form that you can send by mail or carriers to the CEIA laboratory.

If your doctor does not have kits, you can ask CEIA Lab to send you one. Have your prescribed blood sample taken by a nurse. Immediately send the sample CEIA Lab.


  • Place the tube in the white container containing an absorbent inner lining and screw on the cap.
  • Place the container in the plastic bag, which has an adhesive tab.
  • Detach the tape to seal the bag.
  • Put the prescription in the side pocket.
  • Put the bag in the pre-addressed bubble envelope - it is stamped with the mandatory UN3373 logo used for sending biological material.

In all cases, make sure you use the packaging materials we provide so as to meet the UN3373 regulations required for the transport of samples destined for analysis.