Trace element reports

Trace (meaning 'scarce' in Greek) elements are part of the mineral nutrients present in very low amounts in the body and which are essential for life. An excess or deficiency in the body can have an impact on a person's health. Some can become toxic.

Trace elements are chemical elements present in the body that account for 1mg/kg of body weight.

So-called trace or 'essential' elements are needed to maintain the normal functioning of the human body (chromium - Cr, copper - Cu, iron - Fe, molybdenum - Mo, Selenium - Se, Zinc - Zn). Some are potentially beneficial to the human body (Aluminium - Al, Cobalt - Co, manganese - Mn, nickel - Ni, rubidium - Ru, silicon - Si, vanadium - V). Others are poisonous (Cadmium - Cd, Nickel - Ni, Lead - Pb).

Our laboratory is equipped with state of the art atomic absorption technology that can measure these trace elements.