A comprehensive approach to health

The Proteomis report is a functional biology analytical tool that will provide clinicians with dynamic and comprehensive reports on their patients' overall health. It provides a direct link between a serum profile, additional diagnosis, prognosis and therapy. Proteomis allows the clinician to orientate a patient towards appropriate and personalized therapeutic solutions.

Proteomis, an overview...


Allows the patient to be more involved in their health management. Participatory medicine allows the patient to become involved in their healthcare, rather than remaining entirely reliant on health practitioners.


Predictive medicine is aimed at healthy individuals. It seeks to assess the risk of developing a given disease before actual symptoms appear.


By identifying risk factors, preventive medicine can detect certain early signs of a health disorder, with a view to maintaining good health or providing treatment.


Using the specific measurable biological characteristics of each individual, personalised medicine aims to better evaluate a patient's functional status.



The CEIA Lab laboratory is firmly committed to a quality approach

The Proteomis analyses are performed by the Lab CEIA sprl laboratory's technical facilities in Brussels.

Maintaining quality is one of our core values. The CEIA Lab laboratory is working on a quality management system that meets EN ISO 15189 requirements, in terms of management and technology, at both a pre-analytical and post analytical level. These will ensure that the laboratory continually offers a high quality service.

In this respect, CEIA Lab's quality system has already received EN ISO 9001: 2008 certification.

Our other analyses

The Proteomis laboratory also offers:

Trace element reports

Trace (meaning 'scarce' in Greek) elements are part of the mineral nutrients present in very low amounts in the body and which are essential for life. An excess or deficiency in the body can have an impact on a person's health. Some can become toxic.

Trace elements are chemical elements present in the body that account for 1mg/kg of body weight.

Practical information

Find a doctor

How to find a doctor in your area?

Any doctor can prescribe a Proteomis report. You can always ask your doctor to prescribe the analysis.

The Proteomis report is often used by many doctors. Don't hesitate to get in touch with your contact details to obtain a list in your area.


Price Information

The cost of a Proteomis report is 142€ (in the EU). This may vary according to the dispatch method used.

The Proteomis report is 'hors nomenclature', meaning it's not reimbursed by the health service and you would need to check if it's covered by a private healthcare plan. The patient must, therefore, organise payment for the analysis. This information is clearly stated on our analysis application forms.


How to take a sample?

Here's all the information on how to take a sample and send it to the Proteomis laboratory: control kits, corresponding laboratories, analysis request forms...

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